Salesforce1 Developer Week Begins!

Yesterday, April 27, 2014, began Salesforce1 Developer Week! Salesforce1 Developer Week is a huge, global effort by Salesforce to have 60+ Developer Groups spanning across 22 countries work together towards a shared goal, experiencing the Salesforce1 Platform. Having seen “the man behind the curtain” by being a DUG organizer myself, I can tell you Salesforce’s team has done a tremendous job prepping for this event. The beautiful thing about it is that it gives everyone in the community the chance to come together and work as one! You will share a similar experience with one of the other 1.5 million developers, some of which may be across the globe from you!

Why attend?

So, if what I have said already doesn’t entice you to attend, consider this: There are way more PHP developers than Salesforce developers. There are way more Java developers than Salesforce developers. Yet the highest paid tech skill right now is Salesforce Architect ($180-$200K). The reason for this is because Salesforce developers are in such ridiculous high demand right now. The platform is exploding and everyone wants to be involved. You can join this club early on and skyrocket your career.

You can also be a part of one of the best tech communities in the world. Salesforce does everything in their power to empower the community. They sponsor User Groups and Developer User Groups around the world. They provide the Success Community and help with others like the Salesforce StackExchange. They even honor their most active community members with their Salesforce MVP and MVP program. On top of all of that, they also host one of the best conferences in the world, Dreamforce! Registration is now open for DF ’14.

Finally, if you still need to be persuaded, there is going to be some awesome schwag! Developer User Groups have been given books, an exclusive T-shirt, stickers, and more! Worst case scenario, you leave with some nice stuff and a few more skills to put you on track for a $180k/yr career. Not too bad!

What if I’m not a developer?

That’s great! Sessions will range in complexity and everyone needs to start somewhere! A few years ago I had no Salesforce experience. I was even a bit bitter about starting to work on the platform because it felt so different from traditional development. The beauty of working with Salesforce is that it takes the tediousness out of development. You don’t need to repeat the same tasks over and over again to get a dependent picklist for instance! It has provided a unique opportunity for everyone to become more of an “architect”. In my mind, Salesforce is a very “solutions-oriented” platform. What I mean by that is the main focus of the platform is to provide elegant, useful solutions to real problems and the goal is to allow more and more people to solve those problems. With the declarative framework (point & click), you don’t need any development experience to create an app!


There is still time! Choose from one of the many DUGs participating around the world, RSVP to the event, and join the rest of us! You will enjoy it! Share your experience with the world using the #s1devweek hashtag! If you live in the Lehigh Valley, PA area, please consider attending the LVSFDCDUG Meetup on May 1st at 6pm with me! Have fun!

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