TrailheaDX Global Gathering 2017!

On Thursday July 27th, my local user group, the Lehigh Valley Salesforce Developer Group, participated in the TrailheaDX Global Gathering #tdx17. TrailheaDX is Salesforce’s main developer conference for the year. While the main event occurred at the end of June, over the last few weeks, over 200 user groups from around the world have been holding their own events as part of the TrailheaDX Global Gathering.

Our event kicked off as we do each month, with some pizza, drinks, and great conversation. It was amazing to see the turnout for the global event. We had several new attendees and we hope they were intrigued enough to come back!

After some great conversations, Peter Knolle (@PeterKnolle) started the official meeting. He went over some key information, including watching a fantastic TrailheaDX ’17 hype video! After that, everyone was excited to learn more.

The main focus of the meeting was around Salesforce DX. Wade Wegner (@WadeWegner) did an enlightening session at TrailheaDX 2017 for an introduction to Salesforce DX. We watched that session together to learn more.

After watching the presentation, we discussed Salesforce DX and how it could be utilized. We also had some general conversation around how we use Salesforce and how to convince IT departments to invest on the platform. All in all, it was a fun evening. We closed the meeting up with a group photo before heading out for a few beers, some appetizers, and more discussion.

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