Software Professionalism on the Platform

Last Thursday, July 10, 2014, I spoke at the Lehigh Valley Salesforce Developer User Group (@LVSFDCDUG) on “Clean Code and Software Professionalism on the Platform”. In this article,...
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Summer ’14 Feature Alert: Query Plan Tool

In the Salesforce’s Summer ’14 release, a new feature is being added to the Developer Console that is going to change the way you work on SOQL queries. The Query Plan Tool will give every developer...
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ApexMocks: Setup

In my last two posts, I covered why using ApexMocks is beneficial and how ApexMocks works. In this post, I will cover how to deploy ApexMocks into one of your orgs. In order to deploy ApexMocks, we will...
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ApexMocks: How Does It Work?

Last week, I wrote an article about writing real unit tests on the platform for the first time using ApexMocks. What Paul Hardaker (@comic96) has been able to do using ApexMocks is a big step...
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Real Unit Tests using ApexMocks

Almost a year ago, I wrote an article on Proper Unit Test Structure in Apex. In that article I state: A unit test is typically described as: a method by which individual units of source code, sets of...
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Speaking at Salesforce Events

Glossophobia, or speech anxiety, is the fear of public speaking. A study performed by the National Institute of Mental Health on November 23, 2013 concluded that a whopping 74% of people suffer from speech...
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Salesforce1 Developer Week Was Amazing!

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014, concluded Salesforce1 Developer Week. It was awesome! I had so much fun working with the Lehigh Valley Salesforce Developer User Group this week. Being able to participate with...
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Salesforce1 Developer Week Begins!

Yesterday, April 27, 2014, began Salesforce1 Developer Week! Salesforce1 Developer Week is a huge, global effort by Salesforce to have 60+ Developer Groups spanning across 22 countries work together towards...
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GitHub Gists!

A good friend, Peter Knolle, has been pushing me to move my code into GitHub now for a few weeks. It wasn’t until recently when I saw that Andy Fawcett has had great success sharing his work on GitHub...
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StackExchange API on Salesforce!

As you probably already know, I am a huge fan of the Salesforce StackExchange. I recently learned that the StackExchange actually has an API exposed to pull information out of their system. I thought it...
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